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As New Yorkers well know Duane Reade has been around since 1960. And you’ve told us some of our stores look like it! So we’re making some changes that will make it easier and more enjoyable for you to shop with us. These changes include simpler store layouts, wider aisles, improved lighting, and better customer service. All of these changes come with a new look (at over 50 years old we’re feeling it’s time for a make over).

Sushi Bar

Chop Salad

Growler Bar

Frozen Yogurt

If you’ve visited some of the recently remodeled stores – you know about the improvements firsthand. Your reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

If we have yet to improve your Duane Reade, we want you to know that positive change is on its way. What you’ll see in the meantime is the new look beginning to appear on things like our weekly circular. Now you may be thinking “big deal, they’ve got a new logo”. We get it. It’s not important unless it comes with real improvements. Just consider it a sign, as we do, that Duane Reade is listening and working hard to make the kind of improvements that will mean something to New Yorkers (after all, we’re New Yorkers too).

More than 50,000 Duane Reade customers have shared their thoughts and feelings about what they love about Duane Reade and what they want improved. We're working on it. Everyday.

Please make it easier for me to speak with a Duane Reade pharmacist.

Our pharmacists are here to serve you. They will always make themselves available to you to answer any questions you have. Come see us or give us a call.

We have also added more weekend and holiday hours to serve you. Check out our store locator to see the changes at your Duane Reade.

Can you provide more services and more ways to make it easier for me to refill my prescriptions?

English is not my first language. Could you please provide pharmacist advice in Spanish?

Yes. While many of our pharmacists speak another language, they may not always speak yours. So, free of charge, you and your pharmacist can call our pharmacy translation services from any of our Duane Reade pharmacy locations in New York.

Does Duane Reade have any Duane Reade store products?

Yes - we carry more than 500 "Well at Walgreens" brand products - which offer great quality at prices below the leading brands.

All our private label products are 100% Guaranteed.

Check out all of our new products at your closest Duane Reade store.

Sometimes the line-ups are too long at Duane Reade - can you do something about this?

We're trying. We're re-iterating our "Three In Line" rule - which means if there are three customers in line, we need to open another register.

We've started changing our queuing system so that in many of our stores there is ONE line instead of many lines - customers told us this was a faster and fairer way of lining up.

We've also begun installing new cash registers and phone systems making the scanning of products more accurate and making it easier to call "Cashier to Front".

Wider aisles?

We're working on this. All of our new stores and renovations provide an up-to-date, more comfortable shopping experience. Do you work or live near any of our newer stores? Here's a list.


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